Da Hayman says:

Watch for the Lenses!
Tough to shoot photos when there is always someone in the way
There are always automotive photographers at cars shows, always someone that wants to get a picture of some nice ride. Some are there for fun and some are earning a living, news paper, magazine, etc. Don’t just ignore the photographers because you want a better look. Be polite and look around often and check that you aren’t messing up someone’s shot. Just as importantly, don’t walk into someone else’s shot. This is more true now with the high quality cameras built into phones so pay attention to your surroundings. I see this a lot and deal with it a lot myself, it's not easy getting a clean shot.

Not bad for being 7 years old and these being his first hubcap shots.

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My name is Hayden Click  and I am 7 years old and live in Effingham IL. I like to go to car shows with my grandpa. I was given a camera by my friend Gail so that I could take pictures at car shows. Make sure you Like and Share my videos.