How to sell Autos;

I am taking a new approach in how we will advertise the Autos sold here. I ask that you not only send in your description but also as many pictures as you would like. I will take the pictures and make them into a movie then voice over the description onto the movie. If you want to take a video of the Auto I can also use that in the description. The more we can show a prospective buyer the easier it will be to sell your Auto. Send information to

I Loren Childress or are not liable for any acts or omissions regarding any transactions on this website.

How you can get your item posted;

Send me pictures and  information about the parts and include the price and your location. I will post your email address in the advertisement so the buyers can get directly in touch with you.

I will leave the item on the site for 30 days if it sells before then notify me. If it doesn't sell let me know and I will keep it on the site. Send your information to

Using Our Classifieds

While using or accessing the site and services you will not: Offer to sell any item that is not in your possession, do not have the right to sell, or does not exist at the time the Classified is posted to the site;

Use this service for any fraudulent activity or purpose, including collecting payment from buyers and not providing the item purchased;

Fail to deliver items sold by you, unless the buyer fails to follow the posted terms, or you cannot contact the buyer;

Sellers and buyers are completely and solely responsible for negotiating the purchase, sale and exchange of goods or services;

Sellers and buyers must resolve any disputes that may arise from Classifieds transactions amongst themselves and without our involvement;

Welcome to a new place to sell your Auto or Parts. This will be my test page to see if I can make this into a stand alone site. At this time I am not charging to advertise but would ask if you sell you items that you make a small donation to the site to help defray the costs.