Car shows year around at your finger tips.

I am always looking for things at the car shows that are different. Well I found something I can guarantee you have never seen. It's a Jet Bike but with a twist to how it is built. The video is about 10 minutes long but well worth the watch.

​​​       Check out our newest shutterbug Shot by Shane of South Wales Australia and Alex of Aussie Autography also of Australia. 

       We have add another Shutterbug , welcome Travis Miller of Dewey Oklahoma.

       I have taken the pictures and started something new which is to make them into a video with Movie Maker. I have also added captions and music. 

                                              Check out the Cars we have for sale 1983 El Camino.

I am always looking for car show pictures or video's so just e-mail me them to me or where I can get them from and I will do the rest and send you notification when I have them posted.


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          Welcome to shinewars.com my name is Loren and I will be taking you on a trip to the car shows in Central and Southern Illinois or any place the ole Mach1 and I decide to go. I will be videoing them and putting them on YouTube, which you can find a You Tube player on  the VIDEO page to watch them. This way car shows are not just for the summer but all year around. I plan on interviewing a few of the car owners about their cars. I will be talking about up coming shows I plan to attend so check in often to see were I will be next.
       I started something new which I take the pictures you send me into Movie  Maker and make them into a video. I have also added captions and music. Would it not be great to see cars from all over our great land? I always give credit to the person who sends them in. I have been asked how much do I charge to put your pictures on the sight and the answer is always NOTHING.  Send your pictures to me in a zip file at  loren@shinewars.com  or let me know where you have them stored and I will get them myself.  
                                       Car shows are my passion and this is how I give back to something that brings me great joy.

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