Welcome to shinewars.com my name is Loren and I will be taking you on a trip to the car shows in Central and Southern Illinois or any place the ole Mach1 and I decide to go.

I will be videoing them and putting them on YouTube, which you can find a You Tube player on  the VIDEO page to watch them. This way car shows are not just for the summer but all year around. I plan on interviewing a few of the car owners about their cars. I will be talking about up coming shows I plan to attend so check in often to see were I will be next.
         I have a new feature were I take pictures of shows that you can send to me and I will make a SLIDE SHOW  out of them. Would it not be great to see cars from all over our great land? I always give credit to the person who sends them in. I have been asked how much do I charge to put your pictures on the sight and the answer is always NOTHING.  Send your pictures to me in a zip file at  loren@shinewars.com        
                                       Car shows are my passion and this is how I give back to something that brings me great joy.

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 I am looking for pictures of your car as you restored it form it's humble being to the wonderful show piece that you created. At car shows you see people who are keenly interested by owners that have a photo album of their restoration of their car.

       Check out our new shutterbug Albert Brickers of Oceans Street Machines.


Car shows year around at your finger tips.


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I am looking for some roving reporters to "Skype" with me about their car shows does not  matter were you are from the further the better ( hint hint New Zealand). I have a project that I am working on and this would be included. Send me a e-mail if you are interested, not ready to as they say to  "let the cat out of the bag" yet.